Whitten and Lublin’s New Book Released!

Whitten & Lublin is proud to announce their partners, Daniel Lublin and David Whitten, have published their first book; HR Manager’s Guide to Independent Contractors in the Workplace.
In light of an increased number of clients seeking legal advice with respect to independent contractors, the idea was born to create guidance for those recruiting, hiring or employing independent contractors, as well as for those who are working as independent contractors.

What to Expect in the Release
The hiring of contract employees is on the rise, and Whitten and Lublin’s new book responds by giving a comprehensive analysis of the nascent and developing “law for contractors”. The book synthesizes precedents and existing law to cover topics such as: hiring contractors, payroll issues, administering the contractor/employer relationship, performance management, outsourcing contractors, hiring a third party administrator; dismissal issues; tax issues; and dealing with government bodies and dealing with tribunals.

Get Whitten and Lublin’s New Book Today
The book is aimed at helping all those affected by the independent contracting trend: from payers/employers to lawyers to HR professionals; anyone who has stake in issues relating to independent contractor relationships.
HR Manager’s Guide to Independent Contractors in the Workplace is available for purchase from Carswell’s store.