Summer Hours: The Latest Work Perk


America has started a new trend offering employees special summer hours to enhance
employee morale and overall quality of life. Will Canada follow?

“Summer Fridays” are gaining popularity among U.S. companies,
particularly small businesses looking for a competitive edge to attract new
employees. In an effort to ensure work-life balance, companies are giving
employees half-days or full days off on summer Fridays. Other options include
telecommuting or shift-sharing.

With rising gas prices, “Summer Fridays” offer employees the
chance to adjust their work arrangements and save both time and money.

If your employer is not offering Summer Fridays, or anything
of the like, propose the idea by:

 Seeking out a manager at the executive level and
arguing the benefits of summer hours to the company. In particular, mention a
more cohesive company culture and increased worker productivity.

 Making clear that employees will still be accessible
via email and telephone.

 Offering to make up extra hours in the workweek for an
occasional Friday off.

For more: The Globe & Mail

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