Courts May Appoint New Dean to Windsor Faculty of Law

The University of Windsor’s Law Department may make legal history if the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) decides to flex its muscles and appoint Emily Carasco as the new Dean of the Faculty of Law, following what she claims was an unfair hiring process.
After being one of two candidates shortlisted for the position, Carasco was passed up following a rumour started by a colleague that she had plagiarized part of a textbook.  Carasco asked the HRTO to put a freeze on the hiring process until her case had been resolved, since a newly appointed Dean would hold the position for a 5 year term.  She was told not to worry – if her case was successful, the Tribunal could give her the job, regardless.
What does this mean?  Daniel Lublin explains that, “This case serves as a warning to employers to ensure their hiring processes are free of discrimination.”  If unsuccessful applicants feel they have been discriminated upon, but want the job bad enough, they may still get it.
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