Your Facebook Password for a Job

If you thought the worst question you could get at an interview was to explain one of your weaknesses, think again.  You may have to look inwards even deeper and make a decision on how much privacy means to you, and if any job is worth giving it up.
An article on tells the story of a man who, while being interviewed for a police job was asked for his Facebook password.  Though taken aback, he offered to enter his password and leave the room.  His interviewer asked again, and he reluctantly divulged.
If you hold your Facebook account (or any other social media website) close to your heart, this question might have startled, and even offended you.  At the moment there are no laws that prevent employers from asking, but employment lawyer Daniel Lublin stresses that interviewees should not feel compelled to tell.
Lublin also suggests that interviewees consider the appropriateness of the question.  For example, the field of law enforcement or political leadership might more easily justify the question, when compared to the retail industry.  Since most of the public would likely view such a question as overly invasive, it is unlikely that it will become a commonly asked question in the workplace.
Before refusing to answer, interviewees should consider the reasonableness of the request.  Employers should be aware of how such a question can be perceived by job candidates – though you may dissuade those with skeletons in their inbox, you may also discourage highly qualified candidates who object on principle.