Employers are Watching Your Online Footprint

You have just applied for your dream job.  Kathy from HR has your resume on her desk.  She “googles” your name – what does she see?
As social media continues to grow in popularity, the difference between conduct at home and at the office is becoming less clear.  RSS feeds send immediate notifications to cell phones and e-mail, increasing the speed of information transmission in unprecedented ways.  What does this mean for employers? Damage can be done to a company’s reputation within hours, particularly if something goes “viral”.
Because of the lasting effect the click of a mouse can have, courts have been sympathetic to employers that conduct damage control.  Actions outside of work can still be cause for dismissal, and employees should be conscientious of the perceived intentions and potential damages an employer might see in their online footprint.
A recent article published by Daniel Lublin in the Metro offers some specific examples of how, “Off-duty’ behaviour can be punished in the workplace”.