Navigating Employment Insurance Benefits

Benjamin Franklin once remarked, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Today, employees often voice discontent over deductions for Employment Insurance straight from their paychecks. Despite this, many lack familiarity with the when and how to apply for benefits.

Here are 5 tips for employees to enhance their chances of receiving employment insurance benefits:

  1. Timeliness is crucial. Submit your claim promptly; delaying beyond 4 weeks may lead to denial, irrespective of eligibility.
  2. Secure a record of employment and ensure its accurate. Your application necessitates a record of employment, typically issued by your current or former employer. While employers are obligated to furnish this form promptly after any earnings disruption, not all comply promptly, and some may not provide it at all. If provided, ensure its accurate before submitting as employers can get it wrong. If not supplied, be ready to substantiate your employment with additional proof, such as pay stubs, canceled paychecks, T4 slips, or work schedules.
  3. Challenge allegations of misconduct. Employment Insurance entitlement is forfeited if an employee is terminated for misconduct. However, it’s essential to note that mere employer allegations of misconduct don’t automatically validate them.
  4. Seek legal advice before resigning. Employees resigning without a valid reason forfeit EI entitlement. Valid reasons include facing a hostile or unbearable work environment, a substantial adverse change in working conditions, or a significant reduction in pay.
  5. Maintain readiness for work. Employment Insurance benefits are only applicable when you are both capable and available for employment. If you take a holiday, refrain from seeking suitable work, or turn down a fitting job offer, you risk losing entitlement to benefits.

If you have questions about your employment rights, we encourage you to reach out to an experienced employment lawyer. Whitten & Lublin is here to provide insight and advice into your specific circumstances. If you are looking for employment lawyers and would like more information about what Whitten & Lublin can do for you, please contact us online or by phone at (416) 640-2667.