Make sure that you understand your contract

It is very important to understand your employment contract before you put that pen to paper, and even more important to understand what rights you might be signing away if you do.  Many people will carelessly sign their name unaware of the consequences that may arise down the road.
In his weekly column in the Metro, Employment Lawyer, Daniel Lublin writes about the employee who learned this lesson the hard way.
Dean Ernst was hired as vice-president of operations and had an agreement with his employer to work from home on a temporary basis with the intention that he would move from Alberta to Vancouver, where the company conducted business, in the future.  Ernst interpreted their agreement to mean that, as a work-from-home employee, he could work from anywhere that he wanted.  Later, Ernst and wife decided to permanently move to Mexico, after Ernst had satisfied himself that there were no obstacles to working for his employer there instead of from Alberta.  Upon learning of Ernst’s unilateral move, the company fired him.
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