"Working-from-home" – can it be done from anywhere you like?

In his weekly column published on June 4th, in the Metro, Daniel Lublin, Toronto Employment Lawyer wrote about an employee Dean Ernst, who “blindsided” his employer by moving out of the country without notifying the company.  Instead of moving from Alberta, where he worked from home at the time, to Vancouver, as his contract stated he would do; he decided to relocate to his new home in Mexico.

This particular case and an article written by Daniel Lublin, Toronto Employment Lawyer made this topic quite popular.  The article was recently quoted by Jordan Chittley of Yahoo News, Daily Buzz in an article about an Alberta employee fired for ‘working from home’ in Mexico.  The same case in more detail has also been reported in the Toronto Star.

Working from home can be quite confusing when it comes to contracts and one must clarify with his/her employer before any actions are to be taken, especially if one decides to change their residence location.  With the wide spread of technology  and easier telecommunication methods from all over the world, it is easy for employees to work from anywhere they like.  But can or does an employer have to agree to that?

What happened next to Dean Ernst as well as the original article can be read here and more similar articles you can find on our website.