Winners at work

Employers value an Optimist more than a Grouch
Last week I introduced you to my favourite workplace “losers”; those people who just love to fail, and why their idiosyncrasies often cost them their own cases.  But Canadian workplaces have a number of “winners” as well.  These people play the game right and they often come out ahead.  Here are some of their winning attributes:

The Peace Maker

Companies do not value employees who create or participate in stupid arguments as much as those that avoid them.  The Peace Maker understands this concept and avoids workplace quarrels, especially those between colleagues and he or she never takes sides in a meaningless dispute.  Rather, the Peace Maker offers an objective opinion and unbiased advice.

The Stoic

Employees have a tendency to seek instant gratification, usually to their own detriment.  When they are denied a raise or a promotion, most will complain and they will do so immediately.  The problem with them, however, is not what they say it is when they say it.  But the Stoic is different.  He or she is cool under pressure and patient when it matters most.  More importantly, the Stoic understands when not to complain.

The Opportunist

In law, just like in life, timing is everything.  The Opportunist knows this concept well and lurks for an opportunity to take advantage of a good situation.  The Opportunist may not be the best at whatever he or she does at work but by being in the right place at the right time, they get credit from their employers.

The Optimist

No one likes a grouch at work.  This is not news to the Optimist, because he or she is valued by an employer for a positive attitude, even if it is sometimes a facade.

The Game Changer

Employers obviously value employees who make a difference more than those who just sit on the fence.  But the Game Changer does more than just contribute.  He or she is strategic and savvy, so their involvement usually leads to success.
Author: Daniel Lublin
Publication: Metro