Winners and Losers of the Workplace

It might surprise you to learn the extent to which your reactions in the workplace can determine your success or failure in the courtroom.
Over the past two weeks, employment lawyer Daniel Lublin has categorized the reactions of workplace “winners” and “losers” in his Metro news column.  The first article titled, “Don’t wage war on a work case” deals with some of the common pitfalls employees often fall victim to.  Regarding criticism in the workplace, Mr. Lublin highlights the importance of responding promptly – but also with caution.   In instances where you have larger “skeletons in the closet”, silence may be the best solution.
The second article, “Workplace winners always welcome” lays out 5 different attributes of successful employees:

  • The Peacemaker
  • The Stoic
  • The Opportunist
  • The Optimist and
  • The Game Changer

The winning employee acts strategically and avoids conflict.  When confronted with it, he is objective or remains silent until emotions have settled.  Recognizing the implications of timing, and maintaining a positive attitude (even if it’s forced) are all winning attributes.
Following this advice will help you succeed in the workplace and ensure that if you ever find yourself consulting an employment lawyer, you will have already tipped the scales in your favour.
Daniel Lublin writes a weekly employment law column in Metro News.  Other articles he has written are available online at the Metro News Website.