Lawsuit-Free Corporate Holiday Party

The Legal After-Party Mess
It’s that time of the year again for corporate holiday parties. No doubt it’s a great opportunity for employees and employers to put their work aside and get together for some fun, relaxed social mingling.
However, what is supposed to be an enjoyable social gathering among co-workers can sometimes turn into a legal after-party mess. Knowing how to behave during these events might not only keep you in your bosses’ good books, but could also save your job.
In his interview with CTV News, Daniel Lublin, Toronto Employment Lawyer discussed the legal obligations of employers and employees for a lawsuit-free corporate holiday party.
Safety Obligations to be Put in Place
Mr. Lublin explains that employers have safety obligations towards their employees, especially if alcohol is being provided. As the old Latin saying says “In vino veritas” or “there is a truth in wine”, sometimes too much truth is revealed, leading to an after-party lawsuit for both.
Employers are also responsible for creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace that applies during both work and work related events. By maintaining a safe work environment you are sure to have a lawsuit-free corporate holiday party.
Tips to Maintain a Lawsuit-Free Corporate Holiday Party
For anyone attending a corporate holiday party this year, Daniel recommends the following:

  • Employees should be aware of what constitutes harassment in their workplace and are advised not to do anything that they wouldn’t normally do during office hours.
  • Employers should review their workplace policies and responsibilities as well as prepare to provide safe travel arrangements or accommodations for their employees if alcohol is to be served.
  •  On the same topic, Daniel Lublin’s latest article in the Globe and Mail provides a few more tips for employers and employees to keep in mind over the season of holiday parties.

Daniel’s interview can be seen on CTV News’ website and more tips for a lawsuit-free holiday party can be found in his Globe and Mail article.