Cross dressing judge ends quest to rescind resignation

Last February U.S. Judge Robert Somma was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Clad in a women’s dress, stockings, and pumps, his arrest led to much media scrutiny. Two days after pleading no contest to the charges, Mr. Somma tendered his resignation to the court system, giving them 2 weeks notice.

Once his 2 week notice period was nearing it’s end, Mr. Somma started the wheels in motion to rescind his resignation.  His attempt to be reinstated was accompanied by over 200 lawyers who sent letters in support of Somma.  His notice period was extended another month, however, his quest for reinstatement ended on May 30th with the court issued press release stating that Somma is “leaving to pursue other endeavors”.

Rescinding a resignation is possible in certain circumstances. In my September 2007 article, True resignation is voluntary, I noted that employees are sometimes free to withdraw a resignation and continue as before.  This would be subject to whether or not the employer had ‘accepted’ the resignation by its actions or conductSee the case of Andrew Kieran for more.

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