David's Bridal Layoff: Thousands of Workers to be Affected Nationwide

David’s Bridal Layoff: Thousands of Workers to be Affected

David’s Bridal’s layoff will affect thousands of workers nationwide, according to a notice filed to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. The notice specified the elimination of 9,236 positions across the country, affecting 15 stores in nine Pennsylvania counties from April 14 to August 11. However, no details were given regarding the number of stores or the commencement date of layoffs in other states.

The retailer is based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and has over 11,000 workers. David’s Bridal mentioned that it is evaluating its strategic options and a sale process is underway. According to Neil Saunders, Managing Director at GlobalData Retail, the scale of the layoffs suggests that the company is in crisis mode, possibly preparing for bankruptcy or a sale, and store closures could be a part of the plan.

David’s Bridal filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and emerged in 2019 after attempting to restructure the business. However, the ongoing pandemic, which severely affected weddings as social gatherings came to a halt, has led to the company’s current predicament. David’s Bridal layoffs come amid ongoing job losses across various industries, such as Walmart and Best Buy.

Severance pay for David’s Bridal, employees

For Canadian employees at David’s Bridal, it is important to know that they may be entitled to severance pay if they are laid off or fired from their job.

It is important to understand that severance pay is compensation that non-unionized workers in Canada receive from their employer when they are fired (i.e. terminated) without cause. Even if an employee is terminated for alleged misconduct, they may still be entitled to full severance pay if their employer does not meet the necessary conditions for this type of dismissal. In some cases, employers may not even be aware of their obligations to their employees during the termination process.

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