Employee Bonuses – when they amount to a wrongful dismissal?

Employees don’t always get the bonus they deserve, but seldom will this amount to a successful lawsuit.
Veteran investment banker Kenneth Mathieson was well rewarded in his good years. In 2005, he earned a bonus of $1.1 million. However, when his employer, Scotia Capital, decided that he deserved only $360,000 in 2006 — the lowest bonus he had ever received — Mathieson believed the bank was attempting to force his resignation. He wasn’t about to go quietly.
Mathieson complained to management, who listened to his concerns, but remained firm in their decision: his 2006 performance was not at par with his colleagues, which led to his low bonus award. Eventually, fed up with Mathieson’s protests, the bank fired him. Mathieson sued, claiming that his bonus had been reduced in bad faith, among a handful of other claims
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