Is Ontario Unemployment on the Rise?

Is Ontario Unemployment on the Rise?

Are Ontario Unemployment Rates Rising Again Amidst Economic Uncertainty?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario has been on a bit of a roller coaster for unemployment rates. A prolific spike in unemployment immediately following the onset of the pandemic was replaced by a labor shortage that empowered employees to make career moves and enjoy some increased leverage when considering their employment opportunities. As the economy teeters on the edge of a potential recession, however, we are now seeing unemployment rates creeping up yet again.

Despite holding steady at 5% for the past few months, unemployment has recently risen to 5.2% in Ontario. Although not a huge leap and certainly not cause for panic, it is an indication that the job market may again be shifting. The higher the unemployment rate, the more difficult it may be for job seekers to find new employment.

It is important to note that a depressed economy and a more challenging job market should actually increase an employee’s entitlements on dismissal. Most employees will be entitled to reasonable notice of dismissal and should be compensated for the reality that it will be more difficult for them to replace their employment.

If you have recently been dismissed and feel that you have not been offered enough severance to bridge you to your next employment opportunity, we recommend that you speak with experienced employment counsel who will be able to lay out your entitlements on dismissal.

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Author – Rachel Patten