Rogers Offering Voluntary Severance Packages

Rogers offers some employees a voluntary severance package. Rogers Communications Inc. CEO, Tony Staffieri, underlines the company’s proactive measures to streamline operations and eliminate role overlaps after its $26 billion acquisition and integration with Shaw Communications.

What proactive measures is Rogers Communications Inc. taking to streamline operations and eliminate role overlaps post the Shaw Communications Inc. acquisition?

While the voluntary severance packages are available to eligible employees, it is noteworthy that those at the forefront of customer interactions, such as IT specialists, technicians, and customer service agents, remain unaffected. Furthermore, the invaluable contributions of sports and media personnel, encompassing on-air talent, producers, directors, writers, and media technology operators, remain integral to the organization’s continuity.

Staffieri is unwavering in his commitment to growth, affirming Rogers’ dedication to generating numerous employment opportunities in the years to come. Despite the reduction of duplicate positions, the company steadfastly recruits fresh talent. Rogers’ steadfast commitment to job creation remains evident, as exemplified by the addition of over 2,000 employees since the merger and the ongoing commitment to generating thousands more as the business expands further. Amidst this transformative period, Rogers acknowledges that a small percentage of involuntary employee departures have occurred post the Shaw merger.

How does the acquisition of Shaw position Rogers Communications Inc. for significant annual efficiency gains of $1 billion?

With the acquisition of Shaw, Rogers projects that the combined companies with experience an annual efficiency gain of $1 billion. However, in alignment with government stipulations accompanying the merger approval, Rogers must foster the creation of 3,000 new jobs in Western Canada within a five-year timeframe, assuring their stability for at least a decade following the deal’s finalization.

How can an employment lawyer help me navigate voluntary severance by Rogers?

Organizational restructuring that leads to termination and severance, even in cases of voluntary severance, can be a challenging experience. If you’re seeking information about your rights as an employee regarding severance packages, the experienced employment lawyers at Whitten & Lublin can offer valuable insight and advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Please reach out to us online or by phone at (647) 946-1277 to discuss your situation.