Q&A: Is it wise to compare a severance package to a colleague’s?

Comparing Severance Packages
In the event of mass termination, most often employees will discuss their severance packages and compare them to those of their colleagues. Although, gossiping about your colleagues and their severance packages is not a productive way to go about getting what you want. This will only lead to disappointment, anger and a negative attitude towards your colleagues. It is important that you take the proper steps in this situation and fight for your cause in a professional way; if you are unhappy with your severance package.
They might feel that their situation is the same, but the treatment they received is not. What can be done in a case where your colleague received a higher severance offer than yourself and should you be comparing your entitlements to those of your colleagues?
Should You Hire a Lawyer?
Will the decision to engage a lawyer be the right one or are there other ways to learn about your entitlements without a lawyer? Daniel Lublin explains these questions in his latest G&M video, Should I get the same severance as my colleague?