Ex-Rogers CEO Natale Sues for $24M

Ex-Rogers CEO Natale Sues for $24M Wrongful Dismissal Suit

Former Rogers CEO Joe Natale Launches $24M Wrongful Dismissal Suit. Former Rogers CEO Joe Natale has launched a legal battle that’s making headlines for all the drama and intrigue of a high-stakes TV series. Natale is pointing the finger at Rogers chairman Edward Rogers, accusing him of orchestrating a sinister campaign to tarnish Natale’s reputation after his sudden departure from the telecom giant in 2021.

In a court filing that reads like a gripping legal thriller, Natale alleges that Edward and his wife Suzanne Rogers hatched a plan to sully his image. They supposedly went so far as to enlist actor Brian Cox from HBO’s hit show “Succession” to produce a video that painted Natale’s exit in a less-than-flattering light. The video, which managed to leak to the media, included an eyebrow-raising expletive to describe Natale’s exit.

But hold on to your seats, because Rogers isn’t taking this lying down. The company has come out swinging, calling Natale’s claims “baseless” and contending that he himself engaged in serious misconduct during his tenure. The gloves are off, and it’s a battle of he-said, she-said with a multimillion-dollar twist.

$24M Wrongful Dismissal Suit

At the heart of this corporate clash is a whopping $24 million that Natale and his firm, Natale Industries Inc., believe they are owed. This includes a juicy $4 million tied to a bonus that Natale claims was left unpaid following Rogers’ acquisition of Shaw Communication Inc. in April.

Yet, like any great cliffhanger, the plot thickens. Natale’s ousting wasn’t a simple executive decision; it was a boardroom showdown that rivals any blockbuster. Edward Rogers’ attempts to shuffle the leadership deck led to not only Natale’s departure but also the exit of then-chief financial officer Tony Staffieri.

This saga even spilled into the courtroom, with legal challenges over board legitimacy and Edward Rogers’ eventual triumphant return as chairman. It’s a saga of power plays, shareholder resolutions, and boardroom battles that could rival a Shakespearean drama.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, Natale’s spokesperson Bill Walker claims that Rogers is reneging on its commitments, while Rogers spokesperson Sarah Schmidt fires back, accusing Natale of improper behavior and financial indiscretions.

Severance pay for Rogers’s employees

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