FAQ’s in the Workplace

Despite all of the hours I have given to this company, I still score average on my performance reviews.  What more could I possibly do?  How will I ever get that promotion?
I hate working during the holidays.  I’m forced to work through my breaks, and lucky if I get to take a lunch, is that even legal?
Much like in the classroom, people often have similar legal questions but suffer in silence, because no one wants to ask first.  But the truth is that when it comes to the workplace, there are a number of seemingly obvious questions with not so obvious answers.  For example:
You have just gotten a job after months of searching, and are sitting across from your new boss who hands you a contract.  You leaf through a few pages and your eye catches something concerning.
Can you ask for time to review the contract?  Should all of the details be spelled out or is your boss’s word okay for the upcoming promotion? Do you have to accept minimum severance pay?
Contacting a lawyer before you sign a contract could potentially save you a lot of headaches, particularly when complex pay structures and post-employment agreements are present.   Keep yourself well-informed of your rights so that you don’t find yourself settling for less than you deserve.  You can start by reading Daniel Lublin’s, “Advice to remember in 2011”.