Myths and facts of the workplace

In his latest article published in the Metro, Toronto Employment Lawyer, Daniel Lublin writes about his favourite workplace misconceptions that people tend to believe based on “word of mouth”.

Myth 1: Discrimination means unequal treatment.

Fact: It is not discrimination if you are simply treated unfairly or differently, but it is discrimination if you are treated differently due to personal characteristics, such as age, race, gender or disability.

Myth 2: An employee is entitled to overtime pay for any additional hours worked.

Fact: Overtime pay is only required for hours worked in excess of the statutory standards, which vary among provinces.

Myth 3: There is right to sick leave.

Fact: There is no statutory or legal requirement to provide employees with paid time off from work due to an illness.

Myth 4: If I work through lunch, I can leave work early.

Fact: Agreeing with your employer to “trade” a break or lunch for an early departure would be illegal, since most provincial employment standards laws require that a 30-minute lunch be taken, at least, every five hours.

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