When Employers Are Asking for Sick Notes

Employee Shortages Due to Illness
Each year during flu season, many businesses experience shortages when their employees miss work to stay home to take care of themselves or their children. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, employees also decide to go to work despite being sick. One of those reasons is when employers are asking for sick notes from their employees.
Asking for Sick Notes as a Requirement
The Ontario Medical Association is asking employers to reconsider the requirement of sick notes from their employees in hopes that it will encourage them to stay at home, reducing the spread of germs. When asked for a sick note, an employee might find it easier to come into work than go to the doctor and go through the effort of obtaining a sick note. The entire office becomes sick as a result of this attitude, rather than preventing the situation from happening all together.
When it comes to the law, is it legal when employers are asking for sick notes and does an employee have to provide one? Daniel Lublin provided his opinion on the topic during his appearance on Global News.