Legally Required Workplace Postings

The workplace in Ontario is governed by many pieces of legislation. Without a Human Resource department dedicated to ensuring the workplace is in compliance with all regulations, employers run a risk of violating some simple requirements. Legally, employers must have certain workplace postings in plain view so that employees are aware of their essential rights in the workplace. The following are the basic requirements that all employers must follow:
Employment Standards Act (ESA)
Employers in Ontario are required to have a posting of the most recent version of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 poster that the Ministry of Labour has released. The poster highlights workers’ basic rights under the legislation, such as overtime regulations, break and rest periods, vacation time, termination pay and so on. This poster must be in plain view in an area workers can easily assess. Such places may include a lunch room or other common area.
Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
The most current OHSA must be posted in a conspicuous place in the workplace, in addition to the ESA. The OHSA may be downloaded and printed from the Ministry of Labour’s website. Workplaces must also post the “Health and Safety at Work – Prevention Starts Here” poster in a conspicuous place for workers to see. This poster outlines basic health and safety responsibilities of employers and workers, and basic rights so that workers are aware of risks in the workplace.
Furthermore, employers with 5 or more employees must also post a health and safety policy that is reviewed once annually. This policy must be practiced by the employer and include workplace violence and harassment polices. Members of the workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee (if applicable to your workplace) and their work location must also be posted in a viewable and accessible area.
In Case of Injury Poster (Form 82)
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act requires employers to post the “In Case of Injury at Work” poster in a conspicuous place within the workplace. This poster highlights 4 simple steps to take if an injury occurs at work. This includes administering first aid, reporting, pay entitlement of injured worker(s), and when/if reporting to WSIB is necessary.
Employers should be aware of updates to legislation and/or posters as mentioned above, and ensure posting requirements are met. All required postings can be found on the Ministry of Labour’s website; Form 82 can be located on WSIB’s website.