Bullying Brings Down Employees, and Bottom Lines

There’s a good chance a bully is blazing a trail of destruction in your workplace and that you’re unknowingly eating some very real costs.  With a reported half of the workforce claiming to have witnessed or been a victim of workplace bullying, it’s a problem that you can’t afford to ignore.
David Whitten, partner of Whitten and Lublin, and a workplace bullying expert reviews some of the unfortunate side-effects workplace bullies can have on both the company and the individual in an article in the Globe and Mail.
He explains that the growing number of workplace bullies reported by the Workplace Bullying Institute is likely due to a scarce supply of jobs and promotions in a tough economy, which can often lead to senior executives condoning “hard” management styles.  Whitten offers the following advice:
For the employee – Chronicle your instances of abuse early on with HR and your physician and/or counsellor.
For the employer – Workplace bullies will often target highly skilled employees whom they see as a threat.  This holds the potential to lower productivity, decrease morale, and increase absenteeism and disability claims.
Work towards creating a positive work environment in which individuals feel comfortable coming forward with concerns.  Rather than assume an employee is being “overly-sensitive”, investigate all concerns and make an effort to help the concerned party feel that they are returning to a safe environment.
For more tips on how to manage bullying in the workplace, you can read the full article *here*