Expedia Layoffs Amid Organizational Overhaul

Expedia Layoffs Amid Organizational Overhaul

What is the reason for Expedia Layoffs?

Expedia layoffs its workforce February 26th, with the announcement of significant layoffs affecting 1,500 employees. This marks a pivotal moment in the company’s organizational and technological overhaul.

With 17,100 employees as of the close of 2023, this latest round of cuts represents approximately 8.7% of Expedia Group’s workforce, reflecting the scale of the restructuring effort.

A spokesperson for Expedia Group emphasized the company’s focus on strategic realignment. The spokesperson stated that “Given the recent completion of many significant technical milestones in Expedia Group’s transformation, the business continues to evaluate the appropriate allocation of resources to ensure the most important work continues to be prioritized.”

The restructuring will result in pre-tax charges and cash expenditures ranging from $80 million to $100 million in 2024, primarily attributed to severance and benefits compensation expenses, as highlighted in the company’s announcement. This announcement follows previous rounds of layoffs in 2023, including one in October affecting approximately 100 employees, indicating a broader trend within the company.

During the February 8 earnings call, Expedia Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Julie Whalen, shed light on the financial implications of the restructuring, foreseeing one-time charges in line with the completion of the company’s tech re-platforming efforts.

Whalen articulated the company’s strategy moving forward, emphasizing efficiency gains and cost reductions as the organization progresses into its next phase.

Severance Entitlement for Expedia’s Employees

In Canada, non-unionized employees and executives impacted by the Expedia layoffs can receive up to 24 months of compensation in situations of job loss, arising from downsizing or corporate restructuring. Several factors like age, time in role and level of responsibility impact the entitlement of an individual’s severance pay.

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