Google to Layoff 30,000 Employees

Google to layoff employees

In a dynamic tech landscape, Google is not just advancing AI externally but contemplating a substantial shift in its operations. Insights from The Information reveal plans for a significant workforce reduction – potentially affecting 30,000 employees as part of a strategic move to seamlessly integrate AI into various aspects of Google’s business processes.

This restructuring focuses on enhancing operational efficiency in the ad sales department through AI utilization, potentially reshaping digital advertising revenue streams. Beyond ads, Google’s AI experimentation extends to customer support services, influencing the human-centric aspects of operations.

What’s Sundar Pichai’s Take on change?

CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledges the necessity for business realignment, emphasizing challenges in an evolving landscape and associated costs, including potential job cuts. Notably, a prior layoff of approximately 12,000 employees reflects Google’s commitment to adaptability and investment in emerging areas amid a transformative global environment.

Severance pay for Canadian Google’s employees

In Canada, employees at Google who are not part of a union and executives are entitled to receive their full severance pay in the event of job loss due to downsizing or corporate restructuring. The severance package, which can span up to 24 months of pay, is subject to various factors. Should individuals not receive their complete severance amount, they have the right to pursue compensation. Seeking legal counsel is advised to ensure they receive their entitled compensation.

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