Telus Layoffs: Cutting 6,000 employees globally

Telus Layoffs: Cutting 6,000 employees globally

Unveiling the Mystery Behind Telus Layoffs

Telus layoffs 6,000 employees globally. In a major corporate shakeup, Telus, the renowned telecom giant, has unveiled its strategic plan to trim 6,000 jobs on a global scale. The momentous announcement came to light in the 2023 second-quarter report, released early on Friday morning. The company attributed this decision to the prevailing regulatory, competitive, and macroeconomic conditions impacting the industry.

Darren Entwistle, the President and CEO of Telus, expressed the profound gravity of this action, emphasizing that it was not an easy choice to make. Acknowledging the emotional toll it takes on team members and himself, Entwistle assured that the company was providing comprehensive support to all affected employees during this transition.

The sweeping job cuts will primarily affect 4,000 positions at Telus and an additional 2,000 positions at its subsidiary, Telus International. The company has adopted a sensitive approach in offering employees early retirement and voluntary departure packages to ease the impact on their livelihoods.

How have employees in Canada been impacted by the job cuts?

Across Canada, the repercussions of this decision have already started to be felt, with numerous employees taking to professional platforms such as LinkedIn to share their experiences of being laid off. Some of these individuals had served Telus faithfully for more than a decade, and their testimonials capture the challenging times they face in the wake of this unexpected change.

This restructuring marks a significant turning point for Telus, prompting them to adapt to evolving market dynamics and a changing economic landscape. While the decision may have been difficult, Telus aims to emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of future challenges. The company remains committed to fostering a culture of support and empathy as it navigates these uncharted waters.

Severance pay for Telus’s employees

Telus’s employees may be entitled to up to 24 months of severance pay when fired or laid off, depending on several factors. Severance pay is the compensation a non-unionized worker in Canada receives when fired without cause, and even if an employee is fired for cause, they may still be entitled to full severance pay.

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