A Very Expensive Phone Call

If you have ever filed a claim with the Ministry of Labour, there’s a chance that you might not like what you are about to read…
Last week in the Metro, employment lawyer Daniel Lublin tells the tale of a recently dismissed employee whose phone call to the Ministry of Labour ended up being anything but free.
Intent on taking action against her former employer, a woman called the Ministry for information and was encouraged to proceed.  Without questioning the process, she filed her claim, and later found out that it had prohibited her from suing for further damages in court.
There is a disparity between what employees can claim through statutory minimums and common law notice.  Advice from the Ministry is free- and for most people, an easy first point of contact.  But as Lublin points out, people “are unlikely to withdraw their complaint or later pay for a lawyer’s time to obtain a second opinion.”
Don’t settle for less than you deserve.  If you believe you have a strong case and plan on proceeding, contact an employment lawyer.
You can read the full article in Metro News at the link below:
A Ministry Makes the Wrong Move