Resolving termination disputes by summary judgment


Working out of the Toronto area offices of Brook Crompton North America, 22-year company veteran Dolores Adjemian had come to rely on her job’s security.  As the IT administrator and accounting clerk, Adjemian believed her job was safe.  But life has many surprises.  A victim of the recent economic maelstrom, Adjemian walked into work on the morning of Jan. 24, 2008 and was precipitously fired.  She was then handed a cheque for four months pay and told to leave.  Adjemian was not about to go quietly.


In my latest article in The Lawyers Weekly, I summarize the Adjemian v. Brook Crompton North America decision, which is used as a precedent for motions for summary judgment to decide the notice period in wrongful dismissal cases.  

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