Termination for toonie theft upheld

Nine years after being caught on camera for stealing a toonie from her employer, Tim Horton’s, Charlene Walsh may now have some answers about her termination.

In 1999 Walsh was fired with cause for the toonie theft which was caught on the company video surveillance. In one way or another, her case has been struggling through the Courts since that time.

Last week, the Court unanimously found that Ms. Walsh’ most recent appeal, headed by her counsel Ernest Guiste, had no basis to revisit the jury’s 2006 finding, which dismissed Walsh’s $10-million lawsuit against Tim Horton’s and the Toronto Police, alleging wrongful dismissal and malicious prosecution.

The National Post reported that Mr. Guiste argued that the police improperly charged Walsh because they received free coffee from Tim Horton’s.  She was also acquitted of the criminal charge.

To read more about this matter, click here for today’s National Post article.

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