Follow the Rules for Termination

How to Follow the Rules for Termination

There are a few key rules employers should follow when terminating their employees.  In his latest Globe and Mail video of a series regarding severance, Daniel Lublin explains which rules to follow and gives some tips for employers once they decide to let their employees go, regardless if there was a written contract or verbal contract in place.
If Employers Don’t Follow the Rules for Termination
What happens if employers don’t follow those rules? An employer needs to check the contract, a policy manual and comply with the legislation (provincial or federal related employer). If you don’t apply with the Employment Standards Act — it is illegal.
The legislation is the minimum and Daniel Lublin explains that it is there to give someone the minimal protection after being terminated. If employers have refused to comply, then it is problematic and employers need to be educated when it comes to termination because of these issues.