Female Burnout in the Workplace Outweighs Male Counterpart

Female Burnout in the Workplace Outweighs Male

In McKinsey’s recent “Women in the Workplace” report, women are leaving leadership roles “at the highest rate we’ve ever seen.” 43% of women leaders report burnout, compared with 31% of male leaders. Particularly in the technology industry, there seems to be an unsettling trend marked by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s resignation.

How do microaggressions impact women leaders in the workplace?

Female burnout in the workplace may be exacerbated by belittling microaggressions experienced by women leaders, such as having their judgment questioned or being mistaken for someone more junior. Because of their vulnerable experience, they tend to pay more attention to employee wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

However, such critical work is often unrecognized and may spread women leaders too thin. Women already face stronger headwinds than men in advancing their career. Women leaders sometimes find themselves in an awkward situation where they try to fit into the social norm of “speaking up”, but by doing so, they may risk their own positions. To solve this problem, experts have recommended companies include metrics related to DEI in their performance reviews.

Addressing Gender Parity Through Flexibility

Employers need to realize the root causes of female burnout in the workplace trend and take action quickly. Ignorance or inaction may lead to future difficulties in recruiting and retaining the next generation of women leaders. How can companies make work a better place for women? For instance, flexibility can help improve gender parity. The Canadian human rights law protects workers from being discriminated against due to their gender or family status. Employers must provide appropriate accommodation to women staff’s needs, such as remote work, to support their family obligations.

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Author – Luna Li