No Right to Privacy on Workplace Computers

Employees often get what they deserve.
When they work hard, they get a bonus. When their service is long and meritorious, they may get a good severance package or pension. When they knowingly break their employer’s rules, however, they often are fired for cause and get nothing at all.
Canadian courts have little tolerance for employees whose computer habits expose their companies to liabilities. This is because in every province there is legislation that is interpreted as requiring employers to provide a harassment-free workplace. As well, given the potential risks to employers, it is clear that they can monitor an employee’s use of computers, BlackBerrys or any other equipment that uses its servers – and they often can do so without notice.
There is a tale of two employees who misused their computers at work and the consequences they reluctantly faced.  To read the full article, visit Daniel Lublin’s weekly column page at Metro News.