How Far Can Your Tweets Take You?

Information Shared and Received in a Matter of Seconds
As technology continues to improve, it is becoming a very large part of our lives. Whatever used to be shared with our friends and family is now being expressed over social media sites all over the world. Any workplace frustration or outbursts of emotion can spread in a matter of seconds and be received and shared by endless amounts of people. Even with minimal “followers” one small comment can have a huge impact, which may end up costing you your job. It shows you how far your tweets can take you in a social world.
How Far Can Your Tweets Take You: The Damage is Done
In the latest series of related blunders, a simple joke between Joe Monette, OHL referee, and his friend, resulted in a suspension for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. The cause of this result began with a controversial tweet about the women of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Although an apology was made, the damage was done.
Joe was not the first person to be disciplined by his employer for his actions over social media. Over the last few years, more and more individuals have been disciplined by their employers. Following this latest case, The Windsor Star asked Daniel Lublin’s opinion. Mr. Lublin stated that a lot of people who are getting in trouble for saying things online or on social media generally know what they’ve done and don’t intend to fight it, because it just makes them look worse. As well, he said that the employers should have a written social media policy and enforce it.
Mr. Lublin’s more detailed opinion can be read in the article “Social media gaffes are easy to make, hard to defend” published in The Windsor Star.
Learn from others’ mistakes and think twice before you push that “send” button.