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Glenn Brandys

Law School

Admitted to Bar

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University of Toronto



Civil Litigation, Commercial Disputes, Class Action Litigation, Contract Law, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Accomplished Litigator, Navigating Complex Legal Disputes

With Insight and Strategic Advocacy

As a senior litigation lawyer at Whitten & Lublin, Glenn Brandys stands out as a formidable litigator specializing in a broad spectrum of legal areas, including commercial and civil litigation, class actions, contract law, and shareholder & partnership disputes. He is recognized for his skill at both prosecuting and defending complex commercial claims and providing strategic and effective advocacy to clients involved in significant legal disputes across Ontario and Canada.

Glenn has extensive experience with complex commercial disputes and tort claims, including those related to product liability, consumer protection, and health law matters. He has frequently been involved in investigating, commencing, and successfully advancing numerous class actions lawsuits involving alleged contractual breaches, violations of consumer protection laws, product liability and privacy matters, as well as advising third party funders and counsel on the viability of prospective claims.  Glenn also has extensive experience in construction litigation, competition law, and real property disputes.

Glenn’s career in law is underscored by a unique blend of technical skill, analytical prowess, and a deep understanding of the business implications of legal disputes. Described by clients as thorough, assured, and confident, Glenn's courtroom demeanor is balanced and fact-based. His philosophy on law—that one's rights are only as good as one's ability to protect and enforce them—guides his resolute pursuit of fair outcomes for his clients. 

Engaging Glenn means partnering with an advocate dedicated to a holistic and objective assessment of your case. His business-oriented approach and technical savvy ensure that solutions are pragmatic, addressing the core of the dispute in a manner that respects both time and finances. Glenn believes in clear communication, offering realistic assessments and practical plans for achieving the client’s goals.

Prior to his legal career, Glenn honed his analytical  and business assessment skills as a business intelligence consultant with IBM Global Business Services, an experience that now informs his strategic approach to litigation. 

In his personal time, Glenn enjoys skiing, following professional sports, and endlessly searching for new music to add to his record collection.

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