Privacy Issues and Rights at the Workplace

With remote work becoming more common following the Covid-19 pandemic, employers have become increasingly concerned about employee productivity.

Learn more about your Privacy Rights in the Workplace


What are your privacy rights at work?

Businesses are utilising new and more advanced monitoring software technology to track your activity. Ontario has implemented a new transparency law requiring employers to establish electronic monitoring policies, and to tell you if and how they are electronically monitoring you at work, and the use for this information.

What other types of privacy information should you know?

While Ontario is working towards ensuring transparency in workplace monitoring, you may still have other privacy questions such as:

  • Do you own your work computer and its contents, or do they belong to your employer?
  • Does your employer have a right to read the text messages on your work phone?
  • How does the personal content that you post on social media impact your employment?

How can Whitten & Lublin help you?

The employment lawyers at Whitten & Lublin work to help employees like you understand:

  • Privacy rights in the workplace
  • Public and private sector legislation governing privacy
  • Legal rights regarding collection and use of personal information
  • The types of personal information your employer can collect, use, and disclose
  • The penalties for violating Canadian privacy laws

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