Stephen Wolpert, Senior Partner

Stephen Wolpert

Stephen Wolpert, Partner

Law School: Osgoode Hall Law School

Admitted to Bar: 2009

Years of Experience: 13

Proficiency In: Wrongful and Constructive Dismissal, Executive Disputes over Equity/Stock/Bonus Compensation, Injunctions

A Commercially Astute Negotiator and Bold
Litigator, Tackling Complex Workplace Challenges


As a partner at Whitten and Lublin, employment litigator Stephen Wolpert, has vast experience in all matters of workplace law, representing both employees and employers. What distinguishes Stephen is his unique background and experience in commerce and commercial litigation, which helps him to understand and break down the practical financial considerations that are often central to employment law disputes.

Stephen loves a challenge, whether it arises from unique workplace issues, stubborn parties, or time-sensitive matters. Hence, Stephen focuses his practice on  complex employment law disputes, including sophisticated dismissal claims, issues over bonus and stock compensation, employee exit strategies, just cause cases, and human rights violations. His creative and strategic mind sees the solution, challenges what is possible and presses for the best outcome for his client.

Described by clients as calm, thoughtful, and knowledgeable, Stephen takes the time to listen before providing honest and detailed feedback with clear options to his clients, often avoiding the need for litigation altogether.  Once aligned on the strategy, clients and opposing counsel alike can expect Stephen to relentlessly pursue the plan, aggressively pursuing litigation  when required to ensure results for his clients.

Courtroom Success: A  Bold Litigator

Stephen knows his way around the courtroom and does not back down from his opponents, no matter how large the case or how many hurdles they create. He has represented both employees, employers and contractors in many settings, and has appeared before the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Ministry of Labour, the Ontario Labour Relations Board and other tribunals.


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