Employee Benefits: Essential Insights for Employers

Employee Benefits: Essential Insights for Employers

In today’s competitive job market, enhancing employee benefits is critical for retaining and recruiting top talent, as well and fostering a positive work environment. Reports show that employees highly value non-salary benefits, recognizing their importance in overall job satisfaction and engagement.

What kind of Benefits can Employers Offer to Entice Employees?

Employers can adopt various strategies to enhance benefits and meet the evolving needs of their workforce. One effective approach is to offer a diverse range of non-salary benefits in the employment contract, such as group health benefits, contributions to pension or retirement plans, flexible work arrangements, remote work options, flexible family leave, and professional development opportunities.

What should Employees know?

For employees, it’s important to know what the employer is offering, either at the time of accepting a job offer or if new benefits are introduced during the course of their employment. Employees should have their contracts reviewed by an employment lawyer to understand not just what benefits are being offered, but what limitations may be placed on them. Benefits and perks can form integral parts of their overall compensation, and as such would be required to be continued or compensated during any notice period upon the termination of employment, subject to any limitations in the employment contract.

How can Whitten and Lublin help?

If you are an employer looking to learn more about what benefits you can offer to entice and retain employees, or an employee who wants to better understand their entitlements to the benefits offered as part of their employment contract, Whitten & Lublin is here to assist you. Contact us online or by phone at (416) 640-2667.

Author – Aaron Zaltzman